Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 9 Ludington

Friday, July 25

Another great night of sleeping and lazy morning.  Headed out of the park and made our trek south to Ludington.

 It was much longer than we thought...almost 4 hours.  We stopped at Culver's for lunch and got to Ludington State Park around 4.  After checking into our site...we headed straight to the beach at the park.  With the convenience of the RV, we were able to change in the parking lot.  The water was much warmer...but much dirtier than Superior.  There was lots of "natural" debris as well as trash.   The boys had a great time and jumped the waves and dug in the sand. Grant even made a friend.

We got dressed and headed back into town to watch the large car ferry come in from Wisconsin.   We made it just in time.

We made sandwiches it the RV and ate in a park along the lake before walking a few blocks into town to have ice cream at House of Flavors.    Andy and I had ice cream there a few years ago when we were in Ludington and it was the best ice cream.  It didn't disappoint this time either.

Then back to the beach and took the 1/2 mile walk out to the lighthouse.    We planned on sitting and watching the sun set...but Grant had impeccable timing and had to use the bathroom RIGHT NOW!  So...we kinda watched it as we walked back.

We finally made it to our site around 10pm.  We had lucked into finding a site for 1 night just before we we didn't have an option of where it was.  It was right at the beginning of the park, with the playground in our front yard.  But...we were only there for a short time and we felt lucky to find a spot for even 1 night.   A quick set up, showers and bed!