Thursday, June 25, 2015


Hard to believe....9!!!    Friday, June 26 marks Kate's would have been 9th birthday. And once are invited to our cyber/international birthday party.   And all you have to do is "go eat some ice cream!"  Why?   Just take a look at this cuteness!

All you need to do is eat some ice cream...take a picture...and email it or tag me on Facebook!   I find complete joy in gathering all the pictures of people having a little treat in honor of my little girl.  So make a special trip out for some...stop the ice cream truck...order dessert at dinner...or just grab a spoon and a gallon from your freezer.  The important thing is that you have fun..AND send me a photo. me at  Thanks for helping us celebrate our little means a ton to Andy and me!

And yep...this blog is really out of date...I'd say I'd catch up...but that's probably not going to happen.   Just can't figure out how to get this video out of the blog and just on FB!